About AUL
    • Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon is an independent, not for profit and nondenominational Lebanese higher education institution with undergraduate and graduate degree programs. The main campus of the University is in Cola, Beirut Lebanon. AUL has a branch in Jadra south of Beirut and four study centers spread across the nation from North Lebanon to the Beqaa Valley passing through Mount Lebanon and the North Coast.
    • Arts, Sciences and Technology University in Lebanon is committed to democratic value and is founded on the traditions of academic independence and freedom of inquiry and expression. A spirit of innovation has always characterized AUL, ever since it is founded year 2000 by academics with a vision for quality and valid higher education. Leading members of the community were invited to join AUL’s Board of Trustees. This step was taken with the assurance that dedication to the values of liberal arts education continues to serve as the heart of the philosophy of AUL as to rapidly changing times.
    • AUL mission is to justify in optimistic view of the world through instruction, research, and service that do make a difference in fact. The foundation of this effort is related to the University’s own optimism about humanity: its belief in the unlimited potential of individuals, both men and women, to pursue their own growth and to shape their own destiny.
    • AUL is a highly selective, residential, university with a strong liberal arts orientation, offering a bachelor, and masters degrees. Its curriculum is designed to foster independence of thought, creative problem solving, and effective communication. Students pursue majors in areas such as economics, business administration, fine arts education, mathematical statistics computer science, computer communication, graphic design, marketing, hospitality and tourism management.... open to students of high abilities from any country, regardless of their age, sex, religion, or physical limitations.
    • English is the language of instruction (other languages may be used). The faculty members are drawn primarily from all distinguished specialists in their respective areas of teaching and research. As a university, small classes are designated for students to receive individual attention such as the case in the liberal arts tradition, where students are also engaged in a wide range of extracurricular activities including theater, sports, etc. AUL envisions the expansion of its mission beyond the core residential programs—continuing education, professional education, summer sessions, and conferences held for constituencies in the region—where AUL can offer special expertise. In addition, recognizing its unique location in the area, AUL wallows in a continuous improvement in order to become a regional institution with centers of excellence in communication studies, business and economics, computer applications and fine arts education. The advanced communications capability at AUL facilitates the implementation of the University's core curriculum and educational outreach programs, and enables AUL to enhance its role as a regional institution.
    • Through partnership agreements with other educational institutions in Europe, Australia and the United States, the university seeks to integrate itself in these countries’ academic societies, as well as to promote its ideals to the public by advancing the cause of openness and freedom in the region and the world.