AUL Alumni
  • Establishing AUL Alumni club had always been our dream since we were students, especially during our last year where we had always felt we belonged to this university. The day of our graduation, which was one of the happiest days of our life, symbolized our loyalty to what our university granted us, we the students, in order to make us ready to enter a new world that opens its doors to us as much as we are confident and as much as we are able to handle the serious and productive teamwork our pioneer university prepared us for.

    Due to our resolution and determination, the AUL Alumni was established by a group of graduates who shared their concerns, goals, ambitions, efforts, and longing for a brilliant future that can realize their dreams and aspirations.

    AUL Alumni gathers the elite of students holding diplomas and masters in different majors. It seeks to enhance the communications bases among them and with all the Lebanese regions in order to exchange scientific and cultural experiences and competences in all domains. It also contributes in spreading the culture and the bases of conversation in order to build a new generation totally away from sectarianism, fanaticism and racial and denominational segregation- a generation that believes in Lebanon the only and the united. Thus, we are attempting to hold seminars, lectures and enlightenment campaigns for our youths who are already aware of their duties in their practical life and who are sure of the scientific capacities they acquired during their university years, and ready to prove themselves and achieve their ambitions no matter how long and hard is the way. Working together, they are ready to overcome all the obstacles that may face them. One of their most important goals is to insure job opportunities to the graduates according to their majors and experiences, putting the right person in the right place in order to prove success in both domains, scientific and practical.

    On this occasion, I thank my colleagues the founders of the Alumni as they represent the candles that chose to melt in the dark in order to enlighten the way for those whose faith in their university is getting bigger and bigger as well as their pride of the association they belong to, achieving by this the wish of life in renovation and continuity, and I invite them to be aware of inactivity or activity that marks time as it’s an early senility.

    Finally, we must thank the administration of the AUL which contributed in establishing this association and supporting its activities and projects. We mention in particular the Chairman of the Board of Trustees Dr. Mustafa Hamza and the President of the University Dr. Adnan Hamza for the unlimited moral and financial support they give to assure the continuity of the association and its progress under their appropriate and worth of thanks directions.

    President of AUL Alumni
    Eng. Abbas Fouad Salloum