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Attendance Regulations and Make-up Policy
Attendance Regulations

Students are held responsible for all material presented in the classroom and are not entitled to a make-up test, except in the case of verified illness or emergency validated by the Vice President for Students Affairs.

Students cannot miss more than the equivalence of three weeks of instruction in any course and receive credit for the course. However, instructors have the right to impose specific attendance regulations in their courses provided that they adhere to the University attendance policy.

Make-up Policy

When the lost teaching days (resulting from suspension of classes for any reason) in any one semester sums up to five, they are to be made up as rescheduled by the University President.

Faculty Absences

Instructors who fail to meet with their classes due to illness or emergency should notify the Chairperson of the Department and /or the Branch/ Study Centre Director (where applicable) prior to class time, and to reschedule a make-up session.

In case the instructor is late or absent, students are expected to wait twenty minutes before leaving the class.

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