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Tests and Examinations
Regulations and Procedures

Final course examinations are held during the last two weeks of each semester and the last week of a summer session.

Final examinations should not count more than 40% of the final grade. At least two tests or graded projects should account for the remaining 60% of the grade.

Permission to be absent from the final examination is given by an approved petition only and after the instructor’s approval only for a cause beyond the student's control. The instructor, however, must consult with the Chairperson of the Department and /or the Branch/Study Centre Director (where applicable) Director informs the Student Affairs Office about such an absence. Normally such permission must be secured prior to the date of the examination.

Any deficiency must be made up within the first 8 weeks of the following semester in which the student is in residence at the University, or else an "F" is given. In no case may such work be made up after a lapse of one year.

Final written examinations are normally required in all courses except in field work, internship programs, senior projects, special topics, kitchen courses (Hospitality Department) and studio courses (Graphic Design Department). Any instructor who does not want to give a final written examination must secure the permission of the Chairperson of the Department and the Branch/Study Centre Director (where applicable).

Multi-sectional courses shall have common examinations when applicable.

Final examinations shall not be scheduled before the stated examination period except for the Intensive English final examination which can be given on the last class day.

When there are examination conflicts between an AUL class and another class at AUL branches, the cross-registered students must resolve the conflict in advance with the instructors, chairpersons and Brach Directors concerned.

Students may review their final examination paper in the instructor’s office (or in the Chairperson’s office in case the instructor is absent). The examination paper, final projects and /or reports, should be retained by the Chairperson of the Department or the Branch Director for a period of three months.

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