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MBA Program: Missions & Objectives

The graduate program leading to an MBA degree at AUL is committed to high standards of quality graduate business education and practices benchmarked against international educational institutions as well as practices, and tailored to the needs of our national and regional market (The Lebanese and the Middle East market).

Our objectives are those of attaining excellence and leadership role in this level of education are designed around many characteristics that ensure their feasibility. They are:

  1. Theoretical part that is flexible enough to embrace any good practices in the international and regional business environment, and, as such, it becomes more of the state-of-the-art program.

  2. A focus on leadership role in the evolution of the business sector to comply and flow with the international trends in an ever changing environment. This will create, eventually, the business executive talent of high caliber.

  3. A strong emphasis on IT support and application in most of the courses aiming at bridging the gap between theory and practice.

  4. Team-oriented work in the specific courses based on the research effort by the students as a main component of the evaluation process.

  5. An on-going evaluation and assessment of outcomes linked to the continuous improvement of our program in purpose of offering the best possible academic and professional results.
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