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Registration in AUL Programs
Registration in AUL Programs

Registration at the appointed time is required of all students in accordance with posted procedures and regulations.

Late registration is subject to the payment of an additional late registration fee, except for students in Intensive English. Students are not allowed to register after the Late Registration Period as announced by the University.

Students must register in person. A separate registration is required for each of the semesters and for the summer session.

Assigned ID numbers are used in student records. Students must use their ID cards or numbers when registering.

Students are urged to plan their programs carefully before filling the registration form, with the help of their advisors.

Course load

A student can register for a maximum of 18 credits per semester providing that the student is of a good academic standing. Graduating student with GPA above 2.5 may register, endorsed with a petition, for a maximum of 21 credits in the semester directly preceding his/her graduation. In summer sessions, students can register for a maximum of 9 credits pending if the student is of good academic standing.

Registration for Tutorial Courses 

Tutorial courses are provided upon petition to senior students who, for legitimate reasons, were unable to take these courses when they were offered and for reasons of graduation.

Course Changes after Registration

Changes in registration are permitted under the following provisions:

To add or drop a course, or change a section, the student must obtain the proper form from the advisorís office and must get, in addition to his/her signature, the signature of the concerned advisor, chairperson, the accounting and the registrar's offices.

The late registration period is the ultimate deadline for changes in courses and sections.

If the student drops a course officially within the late registration period, no grades are recorded.

Students, who officially withdraw after the late registration period and before the 11th teaching week of the semester, will receive a "W".

No courses may be dropped during the last two teaching weeks of a semester. Students who do not abide by the withdrawal procedures will receive an ďF" grade.

Students will not be allowed to withdraw from a course more than once. A second withdrawal from a course will be automatically recorded as an "F".

All course changes that increase the tuition obligation of the students will be noted by the accounting office and the added fee will be collected before the change is completed; changes decreasing the tuition obligation will be subject to Refund Policy.

Substitutions in required courses may be made under special circumstances before final registration for the course upon the recommendation of the concerned Department. All changes must be made at the beginning of the semester prior to graduation.

Drop & Add period is set within the first teaching week; Late Registration period is set within the 2nd teaching week and as announced by the University President.

Cross Registration
Only cross registration at one of AULís campuses nationwide is permitted. Students may only register concurrently at one of AULís campuses, nationwide, and receive transfer credits for work taken at the other institution provide that:
  • the total number of cross-registered credits does not exceed 6 credits (for undergraduates) 8 credits (for graduates),

  • the courses taken are needed for graduation and are not offered at AUL before students' graduation dates but only for students with cumulative G.P.A. greater or equal to 2.0 for undergraduates and 3.0 for graduates,

  • the courses are required for graduate work (for students with a cumulative GPA of 3.00,

  • the courses taken allow students to accelerate graduation and eliminate a final semester in which only part-time work would remain,

  • the number of credits taken at both campuses does not exceed 18 credits per semester for undergraduates, 12 credits for graduates.
Procedures taken by students for enrolment at another AUL campus are as follows:- Students should:
  1. Consult their academic advisor, fill out the cross-registration form obtained from the registrar's office, and have the form countersigned by the advisor, the concerned Department Chairperson or Director of the concerned Branch / Study Centre. 

  2. Secure the signature of the registrar's office and the accounting office at AULís concerned campus on the form and submit it to the Registrar of the other campus,

  3. Make certain that the courses do not conflict,

  4. Return to the AUL registrar's office the copy marked "Registrar's Office, after completing registration at the other campus and securing an authorised signature in the space provided.
Class Size 

Registration of students in a class in which the enrolment has reached the announced maximum capacity requires the approval of the concerned Department Chairperson. For AUL Branches / Study Centres, the signature of the Director will also be required.

Withdrawal from the University

Students wishing to withdraw from the University must complete the proper form available at the registrar's office and secure the signature of their academic advisor, the accounting office, and the Registrar. Formal withdrawal completed after the late registration period and before the withdrawal deadline will result in a "W" grade for all the courses in which the student is registered at the time of withdrawal.

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