Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering(MCE):

Upon completion of 150 credits, with an overall grade point average of at least2.0, student will receive a degree of Bachelor of Engineering in MechanicalEngineering.

The department of Mechanical Engineering (MCE) offersa Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering in four years with a totalof 150 credits. 

Mechanicalengineering deals with the design, development and manufacturing of machinery.Such machinery ranges from condensers and chillers utilized to provide thermalcomfort and acceptable air quality, to internal and external combustion enginesused for mobile propulsion in automobiles and for power generation in powerplants, to rotating and static equipment employed in the oil and gas industry.

 Program EducationalObjectives (PEO):

The educational objective of theMechanical Engineering (MCE) program is to yield individuals who:

- Design,operate, and manage mechanical systems.

- Tacklenew issues by adapting new technologies and paradigms or by proposing new solutionsafter performing systematical investigation on the state-of-the-artdevelopments.

- Participatein a team and communicate their knowledge, ideas and views.

- Respectenvironmental aspects, ethical and technology standard, economical concerns,and society values