Interior Design

Objectives & Overview

Graphic design is a creative profession involved with solving communication problems, conceptualizing, exploring and experimenting. It is the application of art and communication skills to the need of business and industry. These applications include: marketing and selling products and services; creating visual identities for institutions, products, companies, environmental graphics/signage, information design, and visually enhancing messages in publications. 
Graphic Design involves communication, marketing and psychology. In the Bachelor Degree, which is 99 credits minimum, our program is divided into five phases, grouped in such a way that it provides a holistic experience. The first phase includes introducing the student to basic computer programs. General education courses provide the students with necessary information. Other courses are focused on purely graphic programs. The fourth phase is concerned with courses that are related with graphic design one way or another. Finally, our students undergo practical work to prepare themselves for the workplace. In the Masters degree, which is 42 credits minimum, our program is mainly concerned with analysis, concept, idea and research application related to Graphic Design, focusing on different topics such as Design techniques. 
Our international reach is opening up with exciting new opportunities. For example, it is already possible for our students to complete part of their studies abroad through alliances we are forming with leading universities in other parts of the world. Amongst these reputable and well known international academic institutions; Emporia State University which is among the top 10 in the US and Leeds Metropolitan in UK and many others. We are aware of the fact that the success of our university is largely dependent on having affiliations with high-status universities which eventually we will exchange programs, faculties, and curriculums with and this keeps our students up-to-date with all the new researches and discoveries in the field. All of our certificates are equivalent and accredited from the ministry of higher education in Lebanon, plus we have the accreditation from the AALE (American Academy for Liberal Education) and a lot more of international organizations for higher education.