The mission is to realize the vision of the university by:

  • preparing students to enter their specializations smoothly.
  • promoting mathematics within the context of a liberal education.
  • providing students with the means for clear, creative, informed and critical scientific thinking.
  • stimulating a passion for continuous learning and for various modes of reasoning.

The Department will spend every effort to have the above vision and mission realized through achieving the following objectives:
  • provide an up to date, stimulating and effective learning in the basic mathematical sciences for students in the university, that conform with the highest established international standards.
  • provide students with essential and sufficient background in Mathematics as required by their departments.
  • allow students to enjoy the beauty (and the necessity) of Mathematics.
  • keep up the highest followed standards applied internationally in equipping students with excellent scientific backgrounds in Mathematics.
  • enforce the FACT that Math. is usually considered as indicator of the success of scientific student in his / her undergraduate (and/or graduate) studies.
  • make sure of the continuation of applying high standards of evaluation and grading so that students are filtered at an early stage before they are enrolled in their respective majors.
  • enforce the necessity and the advantage of having multidisciplinary education that enriches the analytical capabilities of the graduates and which helps them lead a successful life in this complex modern world.