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  • "Curriculum Development and Review" workshop

    In the context of enhancing the quality of education through professional development of faculty members, the Faculty of Sciences and Fine Arts actively organized a workshop titled “Curriculum Development and Review", that was held to explain the process of writing SMART learning outcomes and effectively assessing them. The faculty members, from deans, head of departments and key academic members participated in the workshop. Each member presented the final version of the course learning outcomes.
  • ‚ÄúSerious Games for Students Assessment and Assignment to Master Programs in Higher Education

    In the context of the PCSI project “Serious Games for Students Assessment and Assignment to Master Programs in Higher Education”, and under the supervision of the Director of The Lebanese Center for Pedagogical Innovations (LCPI) Dr. Bilal Said, the Engineering and Computer Science students Miss Bader Serhan and Miss Fatima Hamieh, have participated in the kick-off meeting of the at the University of Alexandria, Egypt, and with the collaboration with a 3rd research team from the University of Sousse, Tunisia.
  • National contest on Student Entrepreneurship

    FoE Students: Nael Zaheerldeen, Hasan Al Bakri, and khaled Semhan participated in a training session led by Berytech and Smart ESA.  The session revolved around business model canvas and business plans as means for a successful project. Our students will be representing AUL in the national contest on student entrepreneurship that will be held on May 15th, organized by Agence universitaire de la Francophonie in the Middle East (AUF) and sponsored by the Central Bank and Beirut municipality.

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