Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics


Actuaries use mathematical and statistical tools to solve problems involving risk and uncertainty. The program covers topics such as Stochastic processes, business and financial mathematics and business statistics.

Courses & Requirements

General Requirements
Code Name Credits
CST201 General Education I 3
CST201 General Education I/Humanities/Business Elective 3
Required Credits: 6
Description: Choose two of the following courses (CST201, CST202, ENS201,GDS300)
English Requirements
Code Name Credits
ENG203 English for Academic writing 3
ENG204 Advanced Eng. Academic Writing 3
ENG206 Business Communication Skills 3
Required Credits: 9
Description: three courses are required (ENG203, ENG 204, ENG206)
Business Common Requirements
Code Name Credits
MGT210 Introduction to management 3
BUS319 Business Ethics 3
MGT410 Business Research 3
ACC211 Accounting II 3
FIN210 Managerial finance 3
BUS210 Business Law 3
HRM210 Human Resource Management 3
MKT210 Introduction to Marketing 3
ECO210 Microeconomics 3
MIS210 Management Information System 3
MAT212 MAT212-Business Math 3
MAT213 Business statistics 3
MAT211 Discrete Math 3
Required Credits: 43
major courses
Code Name Credits
ACC320 Business Software Application 3
ACC321 Intermediate Accounting 3
ACC322 Managerial Cost Accounting 3
ACC323 Financial Statement Analysis 3
ACC421 Advanced Accounting 3
ACC422 Auditing 3
ACC423 Special Topics in Accounting & Taxation 3
ACC426 Accounting Senior Project 3
ACC425 Accounting Practical Training 1
Required Credits: 28
major elective
Required Credits: 9
Description: Choose three of the following courses (ACC430, TAX233, TAX421, TAX422, JIA301, JIA401, JIA402, BUS-E1, BUS-E2, BUS-E3)
free elective
Required Credits: 3

Department Majors & Programs