Faculty of Sciences and Fine Arts

Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Sciences and Fine Arts includes three different departments namely the departments of Basic Sciences, Fine arts, and Computer Science. Departments offer 11 bachelor’s degrees majoring in:
  • Computer Science, Computer Communications (which became Information and Communication Technology in 2018), Graphic Design, and Interior Design since 2000.
  • Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Environmental Science since 2007
  • 1 master’s degree in Computer Science and Communications since 2000.
Test by BS.

Our faculty aims to encourage students to be inquisitive and competent in leading positions.

Our challenge is to live up to students’ expectations to create the educational experiences that will allow them to make the difference in their future career, specially the domains of sciences and arts by designing and delivering programs that promote scientific excellence and innovation in order to communicate ideas that inspire, inform and captivate consumers.

Our Staff and high caliber faculty members are always eager to improve and expand to meet the modern society by recognizing the need for, so that we can be able to engage in life-long learning.

Department of Computer Science

  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

    99 Credits  
  • Masters of Science in Computer Science and Communications

    39 Credits  

Department of Basic Sciences

  • Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

    96 Credits  
  • Bachelor of Science in Physics

    96 Credits  
  • Bachelor of Science in Chemistry

  • Bachelor of Science in Biology

  • Bachelor of Science in Statistics

  • Bachelor of Science in Actuarial Mathematics


Department of Fine Arts

  • Bachelor of Art in Computer Graphic Design

    99 Credits  
  • Bachelor Of Arts In Interior Design

    99 Credits  

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Student Resources

University Management System (UMS)
UMS is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that provides services to different stakeholders with different capacities. Since 2002, AUL UMS has been developed, updated and upgraded with the best practices in the field of higher education management. The system covers academic, administrative, and financial services needs and provide departmental focused functions that help each department automate its functional tasks, support operational interaction, and perform more efficiently. We believe in open standards and so the system was built on an open platform. With its web enabled capabilities, the system is setup up in a very secure environment and well-planned disaster recovery scenario to make sure the service is always available on campus and from outside the University. The features covered in the system serves the students as follows:
Advising, Registration, Study plan, workflow, e-mail integration and more are the services provided for AUL student community. Students can see their courses, grades, follow-up their requests, track their problems, see their e-mails and check their financial status from a single window; student portal. Students have access to many petition forms that are implemented on their portal
Academic Advising
Advising is Individual attention and one to one care by advisors, and chairpersons. Advisors help students develop their academic and professional goals, make informed decisions, and act with increasing independence. Students will have access to full-time, peer, and departmental advisors.
Orientation Unit
A Bank for recruiting students to offer them a better job and Internship locally and abroad.
Financial Aid
Financial Aid will be granted according to each student’s needs &/or merit.
For AUL undergraduate students with financial need, the AUL Scholarship Office provide funding for any learning opportunities—everything from studying abroad to completing an internship to making education a financial reality.
Fitness Center
AUL offers students an equipped fitness center to improve their physical health as well as get rid of some of this stress.

Fitness health (B6 level) has different high standard equipment for sports and body fit.
We are keen to keep our students safe and covered 24/7.
Social Security
In accordance with Lebanese state law, every AUL student who is Lebanese is enrolled in the NSSF.
Secure and fast Wi-Fi network for any student of AUL, who can log into their device using their ID and Password.
The Auditorium is in the Main Building of the University of AUL in B6 level, it can house up to 500 guests. It is a place of gathering and a venue for graduation ceremonies, academic ceremonies of honors, and events.
Our students and staff have access to a collection of high quality books and trusted resources, data, and manuals in a library. Faculty and staff has a complementary access to EBSCO Services and AUF scholarvox. A vast set of online research tools (full-text journals, magazines, books, monographs, reports and various other publication types from renowned publishers).
You are responsible for renewing your materials on or before their due date or time. You can renew borrowed items in person.
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 07:00 am- 9:00 pm
Computer Labs at the Faculty of Sciences and Fine arts are shared between departments for applying computer programming software in addition to all graphic interior design applications needed for undergraduate studies.
5 computer labs are available in the FSFA, each equipped with 24 high standards computers. Labs are provided by a central UPS uninterruptable power supply and associated to AUL network. Wireless network is covered through access points distributed in all labs.

Each Lab is equipped with:

  • 24 PCs equipped with CD and DVD writers
  • Ceiling Mounted LCD Projector
  • Wireless Microphone
  • Whiteboard and digital smart board

Available Software:

Microsoft office, MS-SQL Server, Visual Studio 2010, SAP 2000, MATLAB 2014 , Super Pro Designer ,net beans ,Eclipse, Oracle 10g, Easy PHP, MySQL Front, Ubuntu ,Android Studio, Unity3D, Umlet, Microsoft project, Adobe (Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign, Flash, After Effect, Dream Weaver + HTML, Cinema 4D + 3D and others) -AutoCAD (2D & 3D) -3dmax- V ray.

Black & White Photography Studio

Full equipment’s needed for black & white photography studio, for example: “Enlargement Paterson, Contact Printer, timers for enlarger, focus helper for enlarger, developing tanks, trail for picture, accessories, ILFORD chemicals, etc.”

Digital Photography Studio

Full equipment’s needed for Digital photography studio, for example: “Camera Nikon, lighting Hensel, soft boxes with different sizes, snooze, backgrounds, reflector for light, tripod, remote control, lenses, etc.”
A range of good food is available for all kinds of tastes in a cafeteria located in the main building that offers drinks and food all along the day with control of high standards of hygiene and control.
Opening hours:
Mon - Fri: 07:00 am- 9:00 pm


  • NSSF

    In accordance with Lebanese state law, every Full Time Faculty Member who is Lebanese is enrolled in the NSSF
  • The Lebanese Center for Pedagogical Innovation (LCPI)

    LCPI has been established at AUL since 2016-2017, within the context of the European Tempus project ADIP (Apprentissage à distance et Innovation Pédagogique).
  • UMS System

    UMS is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that provides services to different stakeholders with different capacities.
  • Wi-fi access

    The University wireless network is available in almost all University building.IT is available to all Faculty members who have AUL IT account.
  • Manuals

    Practical guide to help Instructors and student when using Information in the classroom.