The Journalism program offers a Bachelor of Journalism & Digital Media. Our B.A. prepares students for careers in print, broadcast, and multimedia news, offers courses at the forefront of the field, such as investigative and web journalism. The program also equips students for graduate studies. The Major introduces students to learn Creative and Journalistic Writing, principles of advertising and public relations. It introduces students to writing news and to the basics of storytelling and creative forms of writing in multimedia environments. It offers them the opportunity to explore and build skills in various creative writing genres of their choice and it gives them the chance to be in touch with the Journalism & digital Media industry.

Program Educational Objectives

The BA Journalism program educational objectives (PEOs) can be defined in terms of what our graduated students are expected to be performing in their professional careers. Namely, our graduate students are expected to: 

Program Outcome Objectives

The program must enable students to attain, by the time of graduation:


Courses & Requirements

Major Preparatory Courses
Code Name Credits
MAT102 Introduction to Statistics 3
ECO110 Principles of Economics 3
MAT111 Claculus I 3
Total Credits: 9 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 9
Description: Required 9 credits for BT students starting Spring 2013
University General Requirements
Code Name Credits
ENG203 English for Academic writing 3
ENG204 Advanced Eng. Academic Writing 3
ENG206 Business Communication Skills 3
ARB201 Arabic Grammar & Composition I 3
ARB202 Arabic Grammar & Composition II 3
COM237 History of Journalism 3
Total Credits: 15 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 15
Common Requirements
Code Name Credits
COM201 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
COM203-Media Law & Ethics
COM205-Introduction to the Art of Theater
COM291 Arabic & International Media 3
COM313 Introduction to Radio TV/Film 3
COM336-Principles Of Advertising
COM404 Visual Communication 3
COM406 Art of Film 3
COM470 Professional Internship 3
COM490 Media Planning & Management 3
GDS251 Photography I 3
Total Credits: 37 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 37
Major Requirements
Total Credits: 36 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 36
Major Electives
Code Name Credits
COM218 Performance for Radio TV & Film 3
COM230 Cinematography 3
COM333 Art Direction 3
COM334 Tv Idea generation & Format creation 3
COM337-Advanced Photography
COM398 Play Production 3
COM430 Writing for Comedy 3
COM431 Advanced Editing 3
COM432 Advanced Lighting 3
COM433 Special Effect 3
COM434 Video Animation 3
COM435 Advanced Audio 3
COM436 Advanced Script writing 3
COM437 Media Criticism 3
COM455 Acting 3
COM456 Musicology 3
Total Credits: 54 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 12
Description: Student can choose elective courses from other mass communication emphasis

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