Our B.A. in Radio TV and Film offers practical skills and conceptual knowledge, prepares students for work in the various production, creative, and managerial professions in the TV and film industries. This hands-on intensive program requires students to produce and direct TV shows and short films as well as experience the various production roles and tasks. It provides innovative facilities, equipment and prepares students to pursue careers as writers, producers, directors, sound designers, and directors of photography. The program gives the students the chance to be in touch with the Radio TV & Film industry.

Courses & Requirements

Major Preparatory Courses
Code Name Credits
MAT102 Introduction to Statistics 3
ECO110 Principles of Economics 3
MAT111 Claculus I 3
Total Credits: 9 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 9
Description: Required 9 credits for BT students starting Spring 2013
University General Requirements
Common Requirements
Code Name Credits
COM201 Introduction to Mass Communication 3
COM203-Media Law & Ethics
COM205-Introduction to the Art of Theater
COM291 Arabic & International Media 3
COM313 Introduction to Radio TV/Film 3
COM336-Principles Of Advertising
COM404 Visual Communication 3
COM406 Art of Film 3
COM470 Professional Internship 3
COM480 Senior Project 3
COM490 Media Planning & Management 3
GDS251 Photography I 3
COM481 Senior Project 3
Required Credits: 15
Major Requirements
Major Electives

Department Majors & Programs