The Teaching Diploma program is offered to elementary and middle school teachers. This requires a bachelor degree in a subject matter area that can be completed during or before enrolling in the program. Once completed, the student will be offered a teaching diploma certified by the Ministry of Education in Lebanon. The program is comprised of a total of  24 credit hour in education (8 courses). It is a one-year program where student-teacher is offered four major courses every semester.


Program Educational Objectives

Student-Teacher will be able to

1.Acquire pedagogical content knowledge and relate it to knowledge in the area of emphasis.
2. Expand critical and analytical skills, enhance communication skills, and collaborate in a group setting.
3. Apply up-to-date technologies in teaching.
4. Seek continuous commitment to personal and professional development, professional ethics, and the teaching profession in general.


Program Outcome Objectives

Student-Teacher will be able to

1. Relate learning theories and their implications to teaching and learning.
2. Plan using general curricular objectives and scope and sequence related to the area of emphasis.
3. Apply appropriate instruction, classroom management, and assessment strategies for teaching in the area of emphasis.
4. Apply professional ethics and understand school culture.
5. Engage in professional development plans.


Courses & Requirements

General Requirements
Code Name Credits
EDU100 Childhood Development 3
EDU101 Fundamental Learning Theories of Education 3
EDU102 Foundations of Educational Psychology 3
EDU103 Instructional Media and Technology 3
EDU104 Curriculum Mapping, Implementation & Assessment 3
Total Credits: 15 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 15
Major Requirements
Code Name Credits
EDU106 Practice Teaching of Math 3
EDU107 Practice Teaching of Life Sciences 3
EDU108 Practice Teaching of Chemistry 3
EDU109 Practice Teaching of Physics 3
EDU110 Practice Teaching of Economics & Sociology 3
EDU111 Practice Teaching of Computer Science 3
EDU114 Practice Teaching of Social Studies 3
EDU115 Practice Teaching English 3
EDU117 Practice Teaching of Arabic 3
EDU118 Practice Teaching of Arts 3
EDU201 Methods of Teaching Math 3
EDU202 Methods of Teaching Economics & Sociology 3
EDU203 Methods of Teaching Life Sciences 3
EDU204 Methods of Teaching Chemistry 3
EDU205 Methods of Teaching Physics 3
EDU206 Methods of Teaching Social Studies 3
EDU207 Methods of Teaching Arabic 3
EDU208 Methods of Teaching Computer Science 3
EDU209 Methods of Teaching English 3
EDU200 Methods of Teaching Arts 3
EDU2019 Instructional Procedures in Math 3
EDU220 Instructional Procedures in Economics & Sociology 3
EDU221 Instructional Procedures in Life Sciences 3
EDU222 Instructional Procedures in Chemistry 3
EDU223 Instructional Procedures Physics 3
EDU224 Instructional Procedures in Social Studies 3
EDU225 Instructional Procedures in Arabic 3
EDU226 Instructional Procedures in Computer Science 3
EDU227 Instructional Procedures in English 3
EDU228 Instructional Procedures in Arts 3
Total Credits: 90 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 9

Department Majors & Programs