Bachelor of English Language & Literature


The English Program emphasizes interdisciplinary approaches to literary texts as well as theoretical, generic, and thematic subjects that range across geographical and historical boundaries.
The Program caters for a wide variety of interests. The English Literature major provides a solid grounding in the discipline and develops students’ transferable skills in comprehension, analysis relevant to the field of study, and in creative writing.

Program Educational Objectives

1. Prepare graduates to become educators in English language as first language in the Lebanese school system.
2. Prepare graduates to become educators in the literary texts and writers integrated to the program of the Lebanese school system.
3. Prepare graduates for follow-up graduate program in Comparative Literature, English studies, and interdisciplinary domain. 
4. To encourage students to have a keen sharp eye to read for critical thinking, synthesize information and to analyze.
5. To know how to prepare, organize and present research work.
6. To watch movies and to compare between book and film.

Program Outcome Objectives

 1.The students will be able to identify literary works, discus and analyze essential concepts of literature.

2.The students will be able to critically analyze literary works.

3.The students will be able to differentiate and explain main linguistics concept.

4.The students will be able to use linguistic knowledge to analyze critically authentic situations.

5.The students will be able to evaluate literature applying various literary theories.
6.The students will be able to implement various linguistics approaches to evaluate real- situation text.
7.The students will demonstrate the ability to write effectively for various purpose. 
8.The students will be able to communicate effectively and use speaking skills for various purposes.
9.The students will be able to relate language and literature to broader and historical social contexts.
10.The students will be able to write scholarly research projects.  


Courses & Requirements

University General Requirements
Code Name Credits
ENG200 General Academic English 3
ENG203 English for Academic writing 3
ENG204 Advanced Eng. Academic Writing 3
ENG206 Business Communication Skills 3
Total Credits: 12 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 9
Major Requirements
Code Name Credits
LIT211 Translation I 3
LIT212 Western Civilization I 3
LIT213 Introduction to Linguistics 3
LIT214 Advanced Grammar 3
LIT215 Introduction to Arabic 3
LIT221 Applied Linguistics & Language Acquisition 3
LIT222 Western Civilization II 3
LIT223 Fiction 3
LIT224 Introduction to Poetry 3
LIT331 Translation II 3
LIT332 Classical Heritage I 3
LIT333 Novel (17th cent. â Modern Age) 3
LIT334 Poetry (17th cent â Modern Age) 3
LIT335 English Creative Writing 3
LIT341 Research Writing 3
LIT342 Classical Heritage II 3
LIT343 American Literature I 3
LIT344 Comparative Literature I 3
LIT344 Comparative Literature I 3
LIT345 Shakespeare & Contemporaries 3
LIT451 Drama 3
LIT452 History of English Language 3
LIT453 American Literature II 3
LIT454 Comparative Literature II 3
LIT455 Literary Criticism 3
LIT461 Film & Travel Literature 3
LIT462 World Literature 3
LIT463 Methodology & Language Teaching Theories 3
LIT464 Senior Project 3
Total Credits: 84 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 84
Major Electives
Code Name Credits
EDU102 Foundations of Educational Psychology 3
EDU209 Methods of Teaching English 3
CST202H General Education II (Islamic Culture) 3
SOC201 Inroduction to Sociology 3
PS202 Introduction to Psychology 3
CST201 General Education I 3
Total Credits: 19 & nbsp;             Required Credits: 6
Description: Student can choose elective courses from other mass communication emphasis

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