Office of Financial Aid

At AUL, we value our students, and we believe that financial issues should not limit students from receiving a quality education. Through a strong financial aid program, we assist our qualified and in-need students to attain quality education at an affordable price. More than 95% of our students are granted scholarships and financial aids, and those aids cover from 15% to 100% of the students’ tuition fees. Moreover, students can schedule their payments on a monthly basis; students are allowed to divide their tuition into 4 payments per semester.

Additionally, more than 33% of AUL’s income is set as scholarships and financial aids. The Office of Financial aid, within a centralized financial aid services environment, evaluates, approves, and awards financial aid to students in accordance with the university regulations, policies, and operating guidelines. The office assesses financial needs of students and advises students regarding financial aid options, processes, and requirements; it reviews and evaluates the eligibility of applications for financial aid based on professional collective judgment taking into consideration the economic conditions of Lebanon and the neighbouring region