Office of Student Affairs


Due to Covid-19, the Division of student affairs launched a new service for international organizations to validate AUL graduate degrees. Interested organizations can send their request to



The office of student affairs primary focus is to create a positive environment that fosters successful university life outside of the traditional classroom. Deanship of student affairs is committed to develop a constructive relationships with the wider communities by contributing to cultural, social and economic wellbeing of the local and regional community. It involves five departments:

  • Department of Student Services that attends to issues related to student services including but not limited to: student ID cards, excuses of absences and late arrival, conflicts.
  • Department of Financial Aid where needy students can claim for special credit facilities, scholarship or assistantship support.
  • Department of student follow-up and counselling handles issues related to student council, as well as students clubs.
  • Department of career counseling and placement services provides internship opportunities , guidance, career finding in addition to developing graduates soft skills through workshops and training.
  • Department of Sports Activities is in charge of all sports related activities including soccer, basketball, ping-pong, chess, etc.