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Welcome to AUL

Registration has begun and we’re looking forward to meeting you.
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We are currently updating our website, in the meantime you can visit our old website or get in touch with one of our dedicated representatives:
  • Faculty of Sciences and Fine Arts

    The Faculty of Sciences and Fine Arts includes three different departments namely the departments of Basic Sciences, Fine arts, and Computer Science. We strive to live up to students’ expectations and create educational experiences that encourage them to make a difference in their future career. We design and deliver programs that promote scientific excellence and innovation, communicating ideas that inspire, inform and captivate consumers. The departments offer 11 bachelor’s degrees. Our faculty aims to encourage students to be inquisitive and competent in leading positions. Our Staff and high caliber faculty members are always eager to improve and expand to meet the needs of modern society and engage in life-long learning.
    For more information please call 01 708 300 ext 1665
  • Faculty of Business

    We are dedicated to providing our students with the highest quality educational experiences in business concepts and skills, enabling them to meet the challenges of today's complex and changing environment, to compete effectively in the global marketplace, and to make positive contributions in their chosen professions. We believe our unique competitive advantage is our open, collegial atmosphere which fosters a "personal education" experience for our students. Our programs range from preparing graduates for leadership roles to learning specially skills in capturing and processing real-time data, using advanced intelligence tools. In addition to our 6 undergraduate programs, students are also able to complete their MBA and EMBA.
    For more information please call 01 708 300 ext 1735
  • Faculty of Engineering

    The Faculty of Engineering offers three majors: Computer & Communication Engineering (CCE), Mechanical Engineering (MCE) and Mechatronics Engineering (MEE). It is known for high-quality academic programs and responsive community outreach activities. Engineers are creative problem solvers and their role is linked closely to the needs of society. Throughout their years at the university, the faculty always ensures students are provided with a transformative education and a multidisciplinary approach, in order to help them transform their lives, families and communities. Encouraging graduates to stay connected to the faculty is one of the main objectives, to expand the network with alumni who can share their knowledge and experience with the students and graduates of tomorrow.
    For more information please call 01 708 300 Ext 1606
  • Faculty of Arts & Humanities

    The Faculty of Arts and Humanities is dedicated to continue following up on the best methods in teaching by affiliating with advanced and well known universities in the world, including USA, Canada, France, U.K and Australia. The language and Literature department ensures continuous innovation of the entire program. Since our mission is to help provide well balanced education between language and other major courses, our students’ abilities and critical thinking are developed inside and outside the university, as they are trained to meet the world challenges. Good command of language and well preparation made our University among the only five whose diplomas are accredited and approved in UAE.
    For more information please call 01 708 300 ext 1515

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