Why AUL ?
    • Proactive Academic Programs: 

      The challenges of the new economy are being shaped by demanding challenges and the marketplace requisites are in turn, shaping our academic programs. AUL is now providing a broad-based curriculum giving its undergraduate and postgraduate students a strong academic foundation through applying updated theories and practices.
    • Training towards professionalism:

      AUL prepares its students to incorporate their knowledge in their daily academic activities, as well as, case studies and stimulations. Students are coached on developing their critical thinking and reasoning skills.
    • Preparing for the E-Generation:

      At AUL, the latest in educational and information technology is being introduced to prepare students to work in a borderless world. In the information Age, analog has been replaced by a digital and the marketplace is being replaced by a marketplace. Now students will have to be part of the e-generation.
    • Students Activities:

      From academic to extracurricular activities, student involvement in campus is necessary to maintain a balanced life through college years. Students lean how to sharpen their leadership, interpersonal and communication skills.
    • Active Co-operative learning through a Well-Recognized Faculty:

      AUL presents educational programs, which are not limited to indirect instruction. The integral part of our learning process is the interaction between students and faculty , where analytical diagnosis and problem-solving skills are reached through individual and group work. Instructors assume a role of guidance and create lifetime relationships with their students.
    • A student-Centered Institution

      AUL values it student body and is committed to their educational welfare. The advising process beings from the date of application and continues throughout the students’ educational program. Every course is planned to guarantee academic success, where personalized feedback is provided by instructors to students about their academic progress. The administration is always available to provide personal assistance and facilitate student progress throughout college years.
    • Internship:

      AUL ensures its continuous success by facilitating its student’s transition into the workforce. The Orientation Unit stands as a museum of original work, where students leave their fingerprints for others to cultivate and build upon. The Unit’s mission is to set up a passageway to academic immortality revealed through up-to-date research, creative analysis and proactive reflections.
    • Affordable Education:

      Education has become a necessity, and no longer a luxury. This fact has become more evident as we entered the 21st Century with its emerging technology and global economy. Accordingly, AUL administration has worked hard to address these trends and decrease expenses to allow students to pursue their educational objectives cost effectively.
    • English and French Sections:

      In a multilingual country, language of instruction is becoming a comparative advantage. AUL studied the needs of its French educated students, matched them with its capabilities, and opened French sections at three of its six study centers.