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Visit of the Vice Recotors of  Moscow state University and Penza State University 

    In the context of the Cooperation agreements that were signed between Arts, Sciences & Technology University in Lebanon (AUL) and Russian Universities, especially the agreement with Lomonosov Moscow State University for the exchange of academic experiences, and working on joint research projects in order to serve the Lebanese society and the public interest. In Addition to the agreement with Penza State University for the purpose of exchanging students, professors and expertise in all fields.

    In order to activate these agreements and to strengthen the relations, AUL was glad to host the Vice Rector of Lomonosov Moscow state University Dr. Mazei Lurii, the Vice Rector of Penza State University Dr. Vasin Sergei and the Cultural Advisor AULís President in the Federal Republic of Russia Dr. Bashir Samaha.

  During their visit the Russian Delegation met with the president Dr. Adnan Hamze in the Presence of the Deans and Senior members of the Academic staff, in which the Vice Rector of Moscow state University Dr. Mazei Lurii, discussed further the matter of establishing a center for teaching Russian Language at AULís premises in the cooperation and supervision of Moscow State University. Moreover the Vice Rector of Penza State University Dr. Vasin Sergei expressed his readiness to assist AUL in starting a preparatory year in all  fields of Medicine at AUL.  


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