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Scholastic Standing
Grading System
Grade Grade Points
  • A 4.0 Excellent
  • B 3.0 Good
  • C 2.0 Satisfactory
  • D 1.0 Poor performance
  • F 0.0 Fail
  • AW 0.0 Administrative Withdrawal
  • I Incomplete
  • NP Not Passing
  • P Pass on Probation
  • IP In Progress
  • W Official Withdrawal

“AW” Grade

The “AW” grade means that the student was discontinued by the University from the course. The “AW” grade is given when a student is discontinued from a course by decision of the University President, or Dean or Chairperson of the concerned faculty or the course instructor, after the approval of the concerned Chairperson. “AW” is applied when:
  • There is a serious attendance issue (absenteeism) concerning the academic standing of the student in the concerned course;

  • There is a serious disciplinary issue concerning the student’s conduct in the concerned course;

  • The “AW” grade will not be counted as zero points in the student’s GPA but must be repeated.

“I” Grade

The "I" Grade means that part of the work of the course remained incomplete at the time the grades were due. “I” grade may be given when a student misses the course final exam and /or final project and is supported by an approved petition submitted immediately within 48 hours from the exam and /or final project date otherwise an “F” grade will be issued. The work on the “I” grade must be completed before the 7th week of the next semester otherwise it will be changed into an “F”. The “F” grade will be counted as zero point in the student’s GPA.

“NP” Grade

“NP” is issued to students who failed to satisfy the University remedial, Math or English courses’ minimum requirements.


“P” is issued only once to students who have passed the University remedial, Math or English courses on probation; Students who earned a “P” and failed in subsequent remedial courses shall repeat their remedial classes in which they have earned a “P” and an “F”.

“IP” Grade

“IP” In Progress grade is issued to students registered in their master’s thesis or project course and their work is not yet complete.  

“W” Grade

The “W” grade means that the student officially withdrew from the course. The “W” grade is given when a student withdraws (through a signed and approved Drop & Add form by the concerned Instructor and Chairperson) from the course after the drop and adds period and before the last 2 weeks of the concerned semester. The “W” grade will not be counted in the student’s GPA.

Grade Point Average

The Grade Point Average is the ratio of the number of points gained to the number of credit hours attempted.

Courses in which grade W, I, IP or P is given are not counted in computing the cumulative GPA.

Repeating Courses

Students are advised to repeat a course in which an "F" or a "D" has been received. Though the two grades may remain on the student's record, only the higher grade is considered in the cumulative GPA.

Students must enter an "R" in the space provided on the Registration Form. “R” grade must appear on the student’s transcript.

Grades and Progress Reports

All semester grades must be turned into the concerned Department’s Chairperson, Branch/Study Centre Director’s Office not later than 72 hours after the particular examination is completed.

Grades could be changed by the instructor due to miscalculation within two weeks from the reporting date upon the approval of the Chairperson of the concerned Department and the Branch/ Study Centre Director. A grade may not be changed after the lapse of two semesters.

Official grade reports are posted at the University and may be sent to students and to parents or guardians at the end of each semester upon request.

By the end of each semester, the registrar's office provides the student affairs office and the student's advisor with copies of the grade reports for advising purposes.

Progress reports on weak and failing students are submitted to the students’ affairs office on a regular basis.

The students affairs office will forward a copy of those progress reports to the advisor, chairperson concerned and the branch/study centre director (where applicable).

Academic Recognition

Students who have obtained a GPA between 3.4 and 3.69 at the end of a semester are placed on the Dean's List, provided they have completed a minimum of 12 credits and they have no incomplete, AW, W, or IP grades in that semester.

Whereas those who have 3.7 or above will be placed on the Distinguished List, provided they meet the same conditions as stated above.

Probation and Suspension

A student whose cumulative GPA is below 2.00 is automatically placed on academic probation. If he/she fails to raise the cumulative average to 2.0 in two subsequent semesters of enrolment, he/she will be placed on academic probation and be subject to restricted advising (focusing on the repeat of weak courses) and registration until the G.P.A. is corrected and the condition is satisfied. Such advising and registration restrictions will be determined by the concerned department chairperson. Placing a student on an academic probation could lead to his/her suspension from the department/faculty and /or the University for Poor Academic Achievement.

When a student is placed on probation, letters from the Registrar are sent immediately to the student, parents or guardians, students’ affairs office and to the student’s academic advisor.

Students will not be placed on probation until they have already attempted 12 credits at the University.

The course load for students placed on probation should not drop below 12 credits.


Students are suspended from the university at the end of each semester on the basis of the criteria listed in "Probation and Suspension”. Suspension must be implemented as soon as possible but not later than the first six class days of the semester.

Students on scholastic probation are not suspended at the end of any semester in which they achieve a semester GPA of 2.20 or above, even though the cumulative GPA is still below 2.00.

Students who have received two consecutive probations should not be allowed to register until grades are issued.

A student who has been suspended from AUL may reapply for admission. He/she will be readmitted if the following conditions are met:

If he/she has spent at least one semester at another university, completing 12 credits with an average of 2.00 or above.

If he/she has spent at least six months of employment and has obtained a good recommendation.

If it could be ascertained that a medical, family or any other problem had previously prevented the academic achievement of the student and that this problem is resolved.

Readmitted students are placed on probation and are given two semesters to raise their cumulative GPA to 2.00, provided that the first semester GPA is 2.20 or above. If they fail to meet these conditions their registration at the university will be terminated.

Readmitted students are permitted to transfer the courses they have passed at another University in lieu of the same courses they have failed at AUL. Neither the transfer grade nor the failing grade at AUL will be counted toward graduation. Students who are readmitted after a lapse of two academic years must follow the current academic program.

Academic Dishonesty

Cheating in examinations, quizzes and /or deliberate plagiarism are considered serious offenses. When confirmed they shall result in the loss of credit for the course when the offense is reported, the Student Affairs Office issues an official warning to the student involved, their parents or guardians are notified in writing. Students Affairs Office will also recommend that appropriate action will be taken by the concerned Chairperson/Dean.

Change of Major

A student may petition to change his/her major. He/she must fulfil the admission requirements of the new major.

Graduation Requirements

Successful completion of the remedial courses assigned to the student on the acceptance letter.

Successful completion of the graduation requirements in the respective Faculties.

A cumulative GPA of not less than 2.00 in all courses taken at AUL.

A cumulative GPA of not less than 2.00 in all courses in the student's major field of study.

A cumulative combined GPA of not less than 2.00 in all courses taken at AUL and other institutions.

Settlement of all financial and other obligations to AUL.

Fulfilment of the residency requirements of AUL which amount to a minimum of six regular semesters (summers excluded).

Transfer students must complete the number of credits required by the Lebanese Ministry of Education (minimum of 50% of the total number of credits).

Graduation Procedure

The student is required:

To get a clearance from his / her advisor concerning the fulfilment of the graduation requirement, during the semester prior to graduation,

To fill a Graduation Application Form at the Registrar's Office during the semester prior to graduation,

To pay the Graduation Fee and obtain clearance from the Library and Business Office,

To obtain the academic clearance form the concerned Department / Faculty,

To obtain a final clearance from the Registrar's Office.

Recognition of Academic Achievement
A student with high academic achievement will graduate with:
  • Honours: Cumulative GPA 3.4 - 3.69
  • Distinction: Cumulative GPA 3.7 - 3.89
  • High Distinction: Cumulative GPA 3.9 and above

Credits—more precisely “semester credit hours”—from the basic currency of American academic life. Each course carries a stipulated number of credits. Most courses at AUL carry 3 credits. In successfully completing a course, a student earns the respective number of credits for the course and accumulates credits toward the completion of the degree.

Advising Policy

All students must be interviewed by an advisor before enrolling in specific courses. The advisor’s assistance in providing information about the courses and schedules can be valuable. A student is expected to see an advisor at least once each term.

Tuition and Fees

All tuition and fees are set in Lebanese currency. Minor fees are charged for matriculation, graduation, labs, late registration, special examinations, transcripts, and other documents are not included in tuition. The cost of books not included in tuition.

Financial Aid

In order to qualify for financial aid from AUL, an applicant must be a degree-seeking student at the University. Applications are available early in the calendar year and should be completed before the spring term is over if the award is for the next academic-year. Students whose application for financial aid is pending should inform the financial aid office of their address and how they can be reached at all times.

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