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Professional Teacher Preparation Program
The University offers a Teaching Diploma Program in areas taught in Lebanese Schools as per Curriculum approved by Ministry of Education.


The TD is designed for graduate students who seek to increase their earning potentials in the fastest growing market. The main goal of the program is to supply both the freshly out of school, inexperienced graduate and the teacher who had already some experience but lacks scientific preparation, with the skills and competitive advantages so that they can take charge of their career and their income.


The Teaching Diploma program prepares teachers to facilitate the learning of all children at the " Middle and High School" level.

The TD program promotes and demonstrates scholarly inquiry, central to teaching and learning. It helps graduate students to develop the conceptual understanding and research skills needed to focus on research involving students and teachers at both levels.

Target Customers:

The TD program has 2 target customers:

Graduate students seeking to increase their earning potential.

Teachers who lack scientific preparation.

Learning Outcomes:

The Teaching Diploma Department at AUL is committed to:

  • Excellence in Teaching and Development.
  • Helping beginning teachers develop subject matter knowledge, pedagogical understanding, skills in critical thinking and professional ethics.
  • Understanding of schooling in a dynamic environment
  • Reviewing qualified teachers who can address today's most educational pressing challenges and issues.  

Program of study

The program provides two options: 
  1. Teaching Diploma at the “Intermediate Level”

  2. TD at the Secondary level.

The Teaching Diploma consists of 24 credits to be taken over and above the BA requirements. These credits may be taken in combination with the Bachelor Major Courses or as a post BA/BS program in one academic year.

Graduation Requirements:

In order to obtain the TD, students must successfully pass 24 credits with a GPA of at least 2.0/4.0

Admission Procedures:

Interested Applicants should complete the application form to the school of Graduate Studies form, with the application fees. Interested Applicants should provide:

Copy of official transcripts indicating the equivalent of a grade point average of 2.0 or higher (If applicants do not meet the requirements, they should contact the program coordinator).

Once the TD admission committee has reviewed the applicant file and determined that it is complete, the applicant should receive a letter with the following instructions:
  • Ways of contacting the program coordinator to make an appointment
  • Information on the conceptual framework (Scholarship, Attitude and Disciplines, Integrity leadership and Services).
  • Grade point average requirements

Teaching Diploma Program (TD) Contract Sheet

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