Computer Communications

The Computer Communication Department strives to provide a high quality academic program that supports the AUL mission of promoting the full potential of each student.
The mission of the Computer Communication Program is to provide excellent undergraduate education which includes the theory and practice of balanced topics in Computer Communication courses: programming networking, communications, electronics, mathematics and also physics. Besides promoting ethical and spiritual values and serving the community, the graduates are expected to acquire a fundamental knowledge in a variety of Computer and Communication fields through a balance of required courses and technical electives. The program seeks to produce CC graduates that are qualified for professional practice or graduate studies in several areas of specializations

Our graduate students will have the following profile upon graduation:

- Our graduates will be highly sought and will be recognized as having expertise in computer communication
- Our graduates will demonstrate a lifelong commitment to expanding their professional expertise
- Our graduates will be excellent communicators and highly effective team members and leaders
- Our graduates will demonstrate character and values by making ethical decisions throughout their professional careers