Bachelor of Business Administration - Banking and Finance (BBA)

Program overview

The Banking & Finance major is designed to prepare students for positions of leadership and responsibility in modern organizations. Management focuses on ethical, human and global aspects of business and non-business fields taking into consideration the emphasis on decision making process. The Curriculum explicitly focuses on developing decision making, communication, leadership, problem-solving and planning skills which could be applied in the real world of Business.

Program Educational Objectives

The Banking & finance program at the Faculty of Business Administration was established to prepare graduates for careers in various areas. Our Program enables students to discharge technical and managerial function for life-long career development. The program introduces students to the theoretical, scientific and practical basis that enables them to acquire professional competences that meet future needs and job opportunities in Lebanon, Arab world, and international firms.

Program outcome objectives

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Clarify the integration of Banking & finance with business domains.
  • Understand the mechanism of banking industry, investment procedures, financial assets allocations and financial strategies within a business.
  • Analyze and practice application of diverse finance theories and models.
  • Provide a foundation in the methods and applications of evaluation in the fields of finance.
  • Handle methods of managing funds.

Intellectual Skills

  • Develop a sound understanding of concepts/theories of Banking & Finance.
  • Be capable of financial decision making through proper quantitative and qualitative financial techniques.
  • Carry out effective problem-solving and decision-making
  • Develop effective communication skills

Practical and Professional Skills

  • Perform research through the making, mining and analysis of financial information.
  • Apply relevant software and programs in order to better analyze financial data.
  • Formulate and implement strategies in financial institutions.
  • Implement creative, and critical thinking to respond effectively to situations relating to Banking & Financial industry.

General and Transferable Skills

  • Written/Verbal Communication skills.
  • Deliver Presentations on various business topics.
  • Analyze financial data in an organized form.
  • Use effectively IT tools in the field of Banking & Finance.

Courses & Requirements

General Requirements
Code Name Credits
CST201 General Education I 3
CST 202 General Education II 3
Required Credits: 6
Description: Courses required for all AUL Students
English Requirements
Code Name Credits
ENG203 English for Academic writing 3
ENG204 Advanced Eng. Academic Writing 3
ENG206 Business Communication Skills 3
Required Credits: 9
Description: three courses are required (ENG203, ENG204, ENG206)
Business Common Requirements
Code Name Credits
ACC210 Accounting I 3
ACC211 Accounting II 3
BUS210 Business Law 3
BUS319 Business Ethics 3
ECO210 Microeconomics 3
FIN210 Managerial finance 3
HRM210 Human Resource Management 3
MAT212 MAT212-Business Math 3
MAT213 Business statistics 3
MGT210 Introduction to management 3
MGT410 Business Research 3
MIS210 Management Information System 3
MKT210 Introduction to Marketing 3
Required Credits: 43
Major Courses
Code Name Credits
FIN320 Credit Analysis 3
FIN321 Corporate Finance & Budgeting 3
FIN322 Banking Operations 3
FIN323 Monetary Theory 3
FIN420 Financial Markets 3
FIN421 Financial Derivatives 3
FIN422 Insurance and Risk Management 3
FIN423 Special Topics in Banking & Finance 3
FIN425 Banking and Finance Practical Training 1
FIN426 Banking and Finance Senior Project 3
Required Credits: 28
Major Elective
Code Name Credits
ACC320 Business Software Application 3
ACC323 Financial Statement Analysis 3
MGT324 International Business Administration 3
MKT421 International marketing 3
Required Credits: 9
Description: Choose three of the following courses (ACC320, ACC323, JIA301, jIA401, JIA402, MGT324, MKT421)
Free Elective
Code Name Credits
FRE-I Free Elective 3
Required Credits: 3

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