Bachelor of Business Administration - Hospitality Management (BBA)

Program Level Student Learning Outcomes

Knowledge and Understanding

  • Identify the basic and foundational subjects relevant to the multifaceted Hospitality Industry.
  • Analyze and handle various situation models in day to day practice at Hotels and Restaurants. This will be reinforced through case studies and assignments for most of the subjects.
  • Recognize the different departments in Hotels and Restaurants.
  • Memorize the business etiquette models to apply it in real world later.
  • Recognize the value of service and learn the importance of having the “service spirit”
  • Understand the business development models through franchising, management contract…
  • Identify different segments of hospitality industry.
  • Recognize and define different types of: Tradeshows, Expositions, Events and Conventions.
  • Identify interpersonal skills to manage and lead first level employees in a hospitality setting.


Intellectual Skills

  • Develop analytical skills.
  • Be capable of trouble shooting and decision making.
  • Develop effective communication skills.
  • Attain good negotiation skills in banquets and conventions
  • Distinguish between Tradeshows, expositions, and Conventions.
  • Analyze and Calculate the cost of a menu
  • Develop Culinary skills


Practical and Professional Skills

  • Apply theoretical knowledge to actual situations illustrated in assignments, case studies and Project work.
  • Perform reservations and cancellations on the hotel system and Travel agencies
  • Formulate a small menu restaurant. And perform cost menu calculation.
  • Practice cooking dishes and sweets desserts.
  • Calculate a meal cost
  • Developing a feasibility study for potential ecotourism projects
  • Demonstrate industry-standard knowledge and skills regarding personal hygiene sanitation and safety procedures.
  • Demonstrate purchasing responsibilities by writing food specifications.
  • Illustrate the team concept in planning, purchasing, preparing, and serving food items.


General and Transferable Skills

  • Communicate verbally.
  • Deliver Presentations on various business topics.
  • Analyze the economic impact of Tourism on countries.
  • Apply phone calls answers in an etiquette manner
  • Demonstrate a formal table set-up for events

Courses & Requirements

General Requirements
Code Name Credits
CST201 General Education I 3
CST 202 General Education II 3
Required Credits: 6
Description: Courses required for all AUL Students
English Requirements
Code Name Credits
ENG203 English for Academic writing 3
ENG204 Advanced Eng. Academic Writing 3
ENG206 Business Communication Skills 3
Description: Three courses are required (ENG203, ENG204, ENG206)
Business Common Requirements
Code Name Credits
ACC210 Accounting I 3
BHTM232 Introduction to Hospitality and Tourism 3
BHTM233 Introduction to Convention Management 3
BHTM334 Hospitality Layout & Design 3
BHTM338 Business Etiquette and Protocols 3
BHTM395 Hospitality and Tourism Internship 3
BHTM435 Supervision 3
BHTM438 Customer Service Management in Tourism & Hospitality 3
HRM210 Human Resource Management 3
MGT210 Introduction to management 3
MGT410 Business Research 3
MIS210 Management Information System 3
MKT210 Introduction to Marketing 3
Required Credits: 40
Major Courses
Code Name Credits
BHTM234 Front Office Management + Fidelio Lab 4
BHTM235 Housekeeping Management + Fidelio Lab 3
BHTM236 Food & Beverage Services 4
BHTM238 Catering Management + Lab 4
BHTM430 Hospitality Purchasing Management 4
BHTM433 Hospitality Food & Beverage Cost Control 3
BHTM440 Hospitality & Restaurant Leadership 3
BHTM441 Hospitality & Tourism Practical Training 1
BHTM551 Hospitality & Tourism Senior I 2
BHTM552 Hospitality & Tourism Senior II 2
Required Credits: 31
Major Elective
Code Name Credits
BHTM218 Travel Agency Management 3
BHTM219 Domestic Travel & Tourism 3
BHTM321 Event Risk Management 3
BHTM324 Trade Shows Management 3
BHTM326 Sports Events Management 3
BHTM442 Food Management: Safety & Nutrition 3
BHTM443 Baking & Pastry (Kitchen Lab) 3
BHTM445 Cooking Arts & Food Production (Kitchen Lab) 3
BHTM447 Creative Event Design 4
Required Credits: 9
Description: Choose three of the following (BHTM218, BHTM219, BHTM321, BHTM324, BHTM326, BHTM442, BHTM443, BHTM445, BHTM447)
Free Elective
Code Name Credits
FRE-I Free Elective 3
Required Credits: 3

Department Majors & Programs