Management Information Systems (MIS) is the design and management of Information Technology (IT) for an organization. It focuses on the best way to enable the organization to meet its goals and business challenges. MIS students first learn the current business processes and then analyze how to improve the processes using IT. The purpose of MIS is to analyze, design, develop, and implement information technology strategy to solve business problems.


The Department of Management Information Systems aims to achieve wide recognition at the discipline of technological and organizational systems. Through graduating information and management professionals who are able to design, develop, maintain and manage the information systems to support managerial decision making at all levels.



In accord with the over-arching missions of the University and the School of Business, Management Information Systems department is committed to the ongoing pursuit of a climate of academic excellence through:

  • Collaborating with our stakeholders – students, faculty, employers and community members to help students prepare for productive and progressive career
  • Creating, applying and integrating knowledge; pursuing a rigorous approach to solving problems and utilizing an entrepreneurial way of thinking
  • Improving organizational skills proficiency such as interpersonal communication competency and decision-making capacity infused with ethical judgment. 
  • Encouraging life-long learning, the pursuit of personal and professional opportunity, the establishment of cooperative relationships, and the quest for creativity

Department Majors & Programs