Bachelor of Business Administration - Management (BBA)

Management Major Overview

The Management program at the Faculty of Business Administration was established to prepare graduates for careers in various areas. Our Program enables students to perform technical and managerial function for life-long career development. The program introduces students to the theoretical, scientific and practical basis that enables them to acquire professional competences that meet future needs and job opportunities in Lebanon, Arab world, and   international firms.

Program Description

The minimum credit hours required to earn a Bachelor Degree in Business Administration with concentration in Management is 98 credit hours consisting of:

  • University General Requirement:  2 Courses  6 Cr.
  • English Requirement:  3 Courses 9 Cr.
  • Business Common Requirement: 14 Courses  43 Cr.
  • Major Requirement: 10 Courses 28 Cr
  • Major Elective: 3 Courses  9 Cr
  • Free Elective  1 Course 3 Cr.

The cumulative GPA grade must be at least 2.00 in order to attain the relevant academic degree. Otherwise, students must repeat one or more courses to increase the cumulative GPA to at least 2.00.

In order to graduate with Honor, students must attain a GPA of 3.50 and above.



Continuing Education:


As we are always looking for the best to our students, we encourage our Management graduates to continue their education by enrolling at least in one of the following degree, certifications or workshops

  • Master in Business Administration (MBA)
  • Project Management Professional Certification
  • Leadership and Management Certificate
  • Business Ethics Workshop
  • Knowledge Management Workshop

Academic Staff

Chairperson: Dr. Jihad Takkoush

Chairperson Assistant: Ms.Nadine Rifaii

AUL Branches’ Coordinators        

Jadra Branch  Mrs. Nazleh Moussa

Dekweneh Branch Dr. Rabih Zotti

Sin El Fil Branch Dr. Shadia Sawaya

Tripoli Branch Dr. Shadia Sawaya

Kaslik Branch Mrs. Cynthia Sfeir

Chtoura Branch Mrs. Salma Rehimi







Career Opportunities:


Potential Job Opportunities:

Management graduates may be employed by large private or public organizations, profit or non- profit, governmental or local authorities, consultation firms and much more.


Some Potential Job Opportunities:

Administrative Assistant, Assistant Manager, Bank Teller, Publisher, Production Control Manager, Office Manager, Administrative Manager, Development Officer, Senior Manager of Contact, Human Resources Specialist, Information Services and Supervisor.

On the other hand, some graduates prefer to go through the field of entrepreneurship.

Courses & Requirements

General Requirements
Code Name Credits
CST201 General Education I 3
CST 202 General Education II 3
Required Credits: 6
Description: Courses required for all AUL Students
English Requirements
Code Name Credits
ENG203 English for Academic writing 3
ENG204 Advanced Eng. Academic Writing 3
ENG206 Business Communication Skills 3
Required Credits: 9
Description: three courses are required (ENG203, ENG 204, ENG206)
Business Common Requirements
Code Name Credits
ACC210 Accounting I 3
ACC211 Accounting II 3
BUS210 Business Law 3
BUS319 Business Ethics 3
ECO210 Microeconomics 3
ECO211 Macroeconomics 3
FIN210 Managerial finance 3
HRM210 Human Resource Management 3
MAT212 MAT212-Business Math 3
MAT213 Business statistics 3
MGT210 Introduction to management 3
MGT410 Business Research 3
MIS210 Management Information System 3
MKT210 Introduction to Marketing 3
Required Credits: 43
Major Courses
Code Name Credits
MGT320 Organizational Behavior 3
MGT321 Quality Management System 3
MGT322 Small Business Management 3
MGT323 Strategic Management & Policy 3
MGT324 International Business Administration 3
MGT420 Project Management 3
MGT421 Leadership and Motivation 3
MGT425 Management Practical Training 1
MGT426 Management Senior Project 3
MIS431 Business Process Management 3
Required Credits: 28
Major Elective
Code Name Credits
MGT330 Public Administration & Policy 3
MGT331 Special Topic in Business Administration 3
MGT332 Social Defense & Citizenship 3
MIS320 Quantitative Techniques 3
MKT320 Fundamentals of Advertising & Promotion 3
MKT321 consumer behavior 3
MKT420 Sales Management 3
MKT423 Marketing Strategies & Policies 3
Required Credits: 9
Description: Choose three of the following( MGT330, MGT331, MGT332, MIS320, MKT320, MKT321, MKT420, MKT423)
Free Elective
Code Name Credits
FRE-I Free Elective 3
Required Credits: 3

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