The Curriculum Development Committee is established at the level of each Faculty to deliberate on all important issues relevant to undergraduate and graduate curricula changes and restructuring; development of new programs; accreditation; quality assurance; and assessment. The committee submits its recommendation to the FB and the AB for approval of new programs or for major program changes.

Composition of the CDC

The membership of the Curriculum Development Committee varies depending on the discipline and subject of the program / course being considered. Accordingly faculty members’ representatives may change depending on the subject areas and programs addressed by the Curriculum Committee. Some of these faculty experts may be among the part-time faculty body or external experts invited to serve on the committee in the instance where the University does not have such expertise in-house.

  • Department Chairperson (Chair) or Director of Postgraduate Studies in the case of postgraduate program
  • Three to five selected faculty members or Subject Matter Experts nominated by the Chairperson and approved by the Dean.

Role of the CDC

  • Propose and develop rationales for new academic programs in line with the university’s strategic plan and as identified from the undertaking of a detailed and market needs’ analysis
  • Conduct program annual and five-year periodical assessment and make recommendation to the FB and AB
  • Develop new program curricula and course outlines in line with AUL policies and standards
  • Review and propose program changes to the FB and AB
  • Prepare the necessary required documentation for the obtainment of approvals for new programs/ courses by various levels of the University including the Faculty Board, the Institutional Level Program Development and Assessment Committee, the Academic and University Boards and the BoTs.
  • Ensure that all programs learning outcomes are well crafted and adequate to the program and that plans are developed to regularly assess the achievement of such outcomes
  • Assess the discontinuation of courses or programs and make relevant recommendation to the FB and AB in accordance
  • Monitor the overall assessment process of courses and learning outcomes.