The Faculty Recruitment Committee is formed at the Faculty Level and is responsible for the selection of all academic positions within each Faculty in order to promote equal opportunities and ensure that appointments are made on a competitive basis. The Committee has also the overall responsibility of identifying exact specifications for each position and for developing selection criteria. The Committee puts its recommendation forward to the VP for Academic Affairs who would send his or her recommendation for endorsement by the University President.

Composition of the Faculty Recruitment Committee

  • The Dean of the Faculty (Chair)
  • The Department Chairperson (of the Department to which the faculty will be appointed)
  • Two senior Faculty members
  • The Chief Human Resources Officer

Role of the Faculty Recruitment Committee

  • Develop job description, selection criteria and list of required qualifications for the vacant position for approval by the HR committee
  • Work closely with the HR Office to identify strategies to seek qualified potential candidates through wide advertising and enquiry
  • Review various applications submitted and shortlist those eligible for an interview
  • Determine the procedures and schedule to be followed during the search process
  • Participate in the interview process and recommend the final list to the VP for Academic Affairs.
  • Ensure that expectations from the role including those related to teaching, research and community engagement performance indicators are clear and transparent to candidates.