The Faculty Board is chaired by the Dean of the respective Faculty and reports to the Academic Board through the Dean. The FB is in charge of overseeing the academic and administrative matters of the Faculty in accordance with the university law, by-laws, policies and procedures. It is charged with ensuring the effective planning and performance of Faculties’ operations as well as maintaining the portfolio of its offerings of to the highest standards. The Faculty Board is also responsible for identifying the Faculty and various Departments direction in regard to both research and community engagement in line with the overall university research and community engagement strategies. Faculty Boards are expected to meet on a monthly basis’ and all such meetings shall be documented through minutes of meetings.

Composition of the FB

Every Faculty Board at AUL comprises the following
  • Dean of the Faculty (Chair)
  • Departments Chairpersons
  • The Director of Postgraduate Studies
  • Faculty Academic Coordinators for all Branch Campuses
  • Two elected student representatives

Role of the FB

The Faculty Board is broadly responsible to:
  • Discuss and develop the faculty annual operational plan, HR plans and budgets and submit them for further approvals to the AB, UB and BoTs as per the university’s internal regulation.
  • Develop semester and annual progress reports for the faculty, discuss any performance gaps and develop improvement plans in accordance.
  • Prepare and submit an annual report to the Office of QA and Institutional Effectiveness regarding the status of program assessment highlighting remedial actions and resources required to assure sustainable program improvements.
  • Develop the faculty research and community engagement plans.
  • Develop and recommend to the AB any faculty level policies and procedures.
  • Propose to the AB the establishment of new departments and/ or the development of new programs.
  • Oversee the implementation of the university QA framework and compliance within the faculty and its various departments.
  • Approve minor program changes and major course changes in line with the university’s policies and regulations.
  • Discuss any challenges and issues of academic or administrative nature pertinent to the faculty.
  • Oversee the development, periodic assessment and revision of all academic programs offered by the faculty.
  • Consider proposals submitted by the Curriculum Development committees for program development and revision including those related to the introduction of new courses and major changes to existing courses or discontinuation of existing courses, changes to course nomenclature or course classification, and make recommendations for further approval as appropriate.
  • Consider grades, grade distribution, the award of special exams, and actions taken in special circumstances are approved after being vetted and defended, if necessary within the faculty.
  • Approve final student results and ensure ratification by the Academic Board.
  • Ensure coordination between various departments across the faculty and effective use of resources.