The department of Mechanical Engineering (MCE) offers a Bachelor of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering in four years with a total of 150 credits. Mechanical engineering deals with the design, development and manufacturing of machinery. Such machinery ranges from condensers and chillers utilized to provide thermal comfort and acceptable air quality, to internal and external combustion engines used for mobile propulsion in automobiles and for power generation in power plants, to rotating and static equipment employed in the oil and gas industry.

Program Educational Objectives (PEO):

    The educational objective of the Mechanical Engineering (MCE) program is to yield individuals who:
  • Design, operate, and manage mechanical systems.
  • Tackle new issues by adapting new technologies and paradigms or by proposing new solutions after performing systematical investigation on the state of the art developments.
  • Participate in a team and communicate their knowledge, ideas and views.
  • Respect environmental aspects, ethical and technology standard, economical concerns, and society values

Department Majors & Programs

As we are always looking for the best of the Accounting students and knowing that we do not spare any effort in guiding them for their best benefit, for that sake, the Accounting Department found it necessary for the Accounting students & graduates to be involved in a preparatory course for the exams of the Lebanese Association of Certified Public Accountants.

This preparatory course will be given twice per week, in a way that about 120 hours are to be covered in the following courses: (30 hours for each course)
  • Advanced Accounting
  • Financial reports & Analysis
  • Auditing
  • Tax Law & Regulations

We extremely recommend all the Accounting students to be involved in such a course that will wrap all the knowledge required & needed from any one applying for the CPA exams, whether the Lebanese or the international ones.