The Department Board is considered an integral component in academic governance system of AUL and is responsible to the Faculty Board for all academic and administrative affairs of the Department. It ensures the effective planning and performance of department’s operations as well as maintaining the quality of programs and the teaching and learning practices. The Board has the responsibility of overseeing the implementation of the university academic quality assurance system at the level of individual programs and courses; this involves leading programs and courses’ evaluations and reviews.
Department Board are expected to meet on a monthly basis’ at least one week prior to the FB regular meeting and all such meetings shall be documented through minutes of meetings. Any issues raising from the DB and requiring the FB approval shall be communicated for inclusion on the FB agenda of the next monthly meeting unless the item was marked as an ‘emergency item’; in such cases the Dean of the Faculty shall make the judgement on inclusion of the item within the ‘same month’ meeting agenda or to defer it to the next regular meeting of the Faculty Board.

Composition of the DB

  • Departments Chairperson (Chair)
  • Director of Postgraduate Studies – as applicable
  • All full-time faculty members of the Department

Role of the DB

  • Promote a quality culture among all full time and part time faculty serving the department
  • Oversee the quality of teaching and learning within the department on the main and all branch campuses
  • Oversee the preparation of course reports/ files and ensure that appropriate actions based on finding are taken to overcome and issues or challenges within courses.
  • Identify and discuss new programs to be offered by the department and make further recommendation to the FB and the AB for endorsements.
  • Propose to the Faculty Board any course or program changes including those pertinent to adding or cancelling courses within programs.
  • Approve minor changes in courses proposed by various faculty members.
  • Lead the program annual and periodical assessment of all programs offered by the department.
  • Lead program level accreditation efforts based on the faculty plan and the university strategic priorities.
  • Discuss any issues or matters pertinent to the overall student experience within the department and the university as a whole.
  • Oversee the process and criteria selection, appointment and evaluation of all part-time faculty members to ensure teaching standards are maintained across all courses.
  • Ensure that student assessment strategies are appropriate and reflects the course material, syllabus and course goals and outcomes.
  • Oversee the quality of submission of graduation projects.
  • Oversee the internship program offered by the Department
  • Work closely with the Registration Office and the Office of Examination and Testing on preparing class and exam schedules.