UMS is a complete Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that provides services to different stakeholders with different capacities. Since 2002, AUL UMS has been developed, updated and upgraded with the best practices in the field of higher education management. The system covers academic, administrative, and financial services needs and provide departmental focused functions that help each department automate its functional tasks, support operational interaction, and perform more efficiently. We believe in open standards and so the system was built on an open platform. With its web enabled capabilities, the system is setup up in a very secure environment and well-planned disaster recovery scenario to make sure the service is always available on campus and from outside the University. The features covered in the system serves our community as follows:

  • Administration
    the system can be used to manage, administer and monitor the activities and tasks related to students, instructors, education process and more. In addition to the daily tasks, the system provides lots of reports that aid the management board to take critical academic and financial decisions.
  • Instructors
    the system has a dedicated portal for instructors to facilitate the management of their courses. Instructors can communicate with their students using synchronous and asynchronous tools. Instructors can take attendance, assign exams, and add grades and more on the tips of their fingers.