Faculty of Humanities

Faculty Overview

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities includes Two departments: English Language and Literature Department, and the TD Department. The English Department has beside the chairperson 14 English language and literature instructors, 4 instructors to teach social and humanitarian courses, and 2 secretaries AM/PM.

Since its foundation, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities has been developing progressively in keeping with the university’s ever-increasing growth. While aiming to satisfy its students’ language and literary ambition, the Faculty of Arts and Humanities takes particular interest in providing them with general art knowledge in developing their critical thinking and in granting them the vocational competencies that serve their society needs. Thus, the Faculty is committed to providing the students with latest techniques and strategies that enable them to communicate successfully.

Through our academic affairs policy that finds its way in the university’s, mission and vision, Aul university reflects its values to acquire and disseminate knowledge, foster independent thinking and expression while respecting the freedom of others.

Mission & Vision


AUL university aspires to be a distinguished and exemplary one at the national and regional levels, seeking innovation and improvement to be recognized for distinctive excellence in education and research and aiming to supply the labor market, both the Lebanese and the Arab World, with competent and skilled graduates.

The mission of the Faculty of Humanities at AUL is to create and achieve distinction in teaching and providing high quality services through high levels of academic programs and skilled graduates that possess knowledge and ability to cope with modern developments that support social developments and educational programs. As one of the nation leading center of academic excellence, we aim at:
1. Provide the highest quality learning and teaching environment for the greater wellbeing of students and deliver outstanding educational portfolio.
2. To graduate students fully equipped to achieve the highest personal and professional standards.
3. Make a significant, sustainable education and socially responsible contribution to Lebanon and to Arab world to promote growth and culture wellbeing.
4. To encourage interdisciplinary studies and researches.
5. To provoke students to think analytically and critically.
6. To equip students with a warm active and interactive environment to motivate them to seek self-development and self-improvement.
7. To prepare graduate students to cope with the challenges of the on-going changes of the job-markets.

University Values 
The following are a cluster of moral terms that AUL has adopted:
1. Provide affordable, accessible, appropriate, and quality education services at all levels of programs in AUL.
2. Diversity: Welcoming all Lebanese and non-Lebanese students without any discrimination.
3. Promote universally accepted human, ethical and spiritual values to be added to the Lebanese culture.
4. Encourage independent thinking and cherish academic and faculty research work.
5. High ethical standards: To high light and implement ethical standards like honesty, integrity and dignity and to have good interaction and interrelations between students, staff and administration.


English Department

  • Teaching Diploma

    24 Credits  
  • Bachelor of English Language & Literature

    99 Credits  

Department of Communication Arts

  • Bachelor of Arts in Journalism

    103 Credits  
  • Bachelor of Arts in Radio & TV

    103 Credits  

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