Program Overview:

The English Literature Program at AUL offers a range of challenging and enjoyable courses taught by established scholars and experienced teachers. The program includes a selection of introductory, writing-intensive courses, and continues with more in-depth themes and genre courses. The program, then, directs students’ focus on Literature to receive a comprehensive grounding in literary history, periods, principles of criticism and literary theories, and approaches to writing proficiency through literary and linguistic research methods.


 Moreover, the program incorporates international know-how in poetry as well as in fiction, nonfiction prose, drama and performance studies, and covers the historical range of literature in English and American fiction  till recent times.

  • The English Department offers the following programs:

    a) Intensive English Program (Levels 1, 2, ESP, Freshman English F1 & F2)
    b) Academic English Program (ENG 203, ENG 204, ENG206)
    c) English Language and Literature/ B.A degree
    d) In-Service Training Teacher Program (TD)
    e) Humanities Programs which include foreign languages (French & Turkish) in addition to, Islamic culture, Qur’anic studies, Body Health, Sociology, Psychology, Arabic, Translation, and Physical Education, in addition to Safety and Health program.

    f) Certificate Program (EGP) for academic and non-academic students who like to improve their skills in Language learning both verbally and in writing.

    g) Translation and Interpretation.

    To seek a distinguished and model rank at the national and international levels and to provide distinctive literacy excellence, innovation and high quality in education; in addition, at aiming to supply the labor market (schools) with competent and skilled graduates through better modern education.


    Ever since its foundation, the English Department took a vow on itself to excel in its noble cause and mission. This is done through dedication, hard work, and open mindedness in following up the best methods of teaching through updating the students’ knowledge by affiliating to the best advanced and well-known universities in the world whether in USA, Canada, France, U.K and Australia.

    The language and Literature department ensures a continuous innovation of the entire program to provide the best updated knowledge to our students. We believe that “the ice is broken and what used to block the students’ vision exists no longer because they are well trained, experienced and full of confidence to meet life challenges”.


    English Language and Literature

    The Department seeks to achieve the following goals:

    To participate in improving higher education in English language and literature / literary criticism and linguistics

    To foster ties with other departments of English literature in Lebanon and foreign universities for the benefit of faculty members and students.
    To develop study plans and programs in the Department to coop with recent studies and developments.
    To participate in conferences and Seminar to keep acquainted with new literary approaches and findings.
    To sign agreements with foreign universities (American and U.K) for the sake of establishing higher educational degrees (M.A and Ph.D.) in English literature and linguistics (TEFL &TESOL).
    To encourage student and faculty members exchange with other foreign universities to inject new blood and new ideas in the department.