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About Admissions

Established in 2000, AUL is considered among the region’s premier higher education institutions. With a multinational and differentiated student body of around 6000 students, AUL provides an ideal environment for intellectual and cultural growth. Tolerance, respect and generality are the principles on which the AUL community prospers.

If you’re looking for an enlightening educational and life experience, then AUL is the right place for you. AUL selection of students is based on their personal characteristics and career goals in harmony with the University’s mission and vision. We see these traits as: concern for what happens to other people; an optimistic and hopeful attitude; a willingness to search for ways to be constructive; enjoyment of learning and high motivation; high integrity; being trusting and trustworthy; capacity to succeed as a scholar; and commitment to the purposes and the goals of the University.

AUL looks for these attitudes and personality traits in prospective students because they distinguish them as persons likely to succeed as students, as citizens of the University community and as persons who want to help provide leadership in building a better world.


With more than 30 Bachelor and Master’s degree programs, applicants are accepted on the basis of their qualifications, attitudes toward continuous quality learning and good character without any discrimination.

Applicants can apply during the admission period assigned by University and announced on AUL website or media.

In order to submit a successful application, applicants must consider the following:


Application Procedure

When choosing the appropriate degree program, applicants must:

  • Check your eligibility before applying.
  • Complete the application process, fill it completely and attach with it all the required documents to be submitted before admission deadline.


Required Documents

Applications must be submitted at the admissions office accompanied by the following documents:

  • Three passport size photographs.
  • Official certificate for the Lebanese Baccalaureate or its equivalent (French Baccalaureate, International Baccalaureate IB, Baccalaureate Technique BT, etc.) or Official Freshman Permission and SAT Reasoning for non-Lebanese students.
  • An endorsed copy of the Individual Civil Status Record for Lebanese applicants and passport copy endorsed by an official entity for Non-Lebanese.


Master's applicants:

An endorsed copy of the Bachelor Degree along with a transcript of the courses studied and grades attained.

An Equivalence of the Bachelor Degree from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Lebanon is a must before submitting the application.

After fulfilling all admission requirements, students are requested to sit for the entrance placement assessment.

Exemption from the assessment is possible for those students who already passed their SAT, TOEFL, IELTS, EEE, or other recognized international tests and this decision is made on case-by-case basis according to score scale.


Contact Information: Orientation Unit (SOU)

Working days: Monday to Friday

Working hours: 8:oo till 5:00

Phone number: +961 - 1 - 708300 ext: 1830

  • Office of Financial Aid

    At AUL, we value our students, and we believe that financial issues should not limit students from receiving a quality education.
  • The office of student affairs

    The office of student affairs primary focus is to create a positive environment that fosters successful university life outside of the traditional classroom. Deanship of student affairs is committed to develop a constructive relationships with the wider communities by contributing to cultural, social and economic wellbeing of the local and regional community.