The Lebanese Center for Pedagogical Innovation (LCPI) has been established at AUL since 2016-2017, within the context of the European Tempus project ADIP (Apprentissage à distance et Innovation Pédagogique).

The mission of LCPI is to develop new strategies for enhancing the applied teaching and learning methods and practices, while orienting and supporting our students and faculty members in order to promote and facilitate the adoption and the migration to these new innovative strategies.

Several objectives have been set by LCPI, namely:
  • Provide a quality education that ensures students success and facilitate their integration in the professional job markets,
  • Align the teaching and learning strategies along with the international standards as well as with AUL’s vision and mission,
  • Integrate in our educational system the most recent and relevant Information and Communication Technology (ICT) tools,
  • Target the continuous enhancement of our plans and programs.
  • LCPI acquires various equipment through external programs and internal fund from AUL university. The equipment is tested before training instructors and students on their use.
  • LCPI continuously provides workshops and training sessions for both students and faculty members in order to orient, support and help them integrate and adopt the proposed teaching and learning strategies, tools and methods.