Prospective Students

AUL is dedicated to the advancement of learning and the growth of individual, from a global perspective, recognizing the contributions of all cultures and the brotherhood of all mankind.
AUL seeks students who evidence a belief in excellence and in their own to obtain it, and who believe that human values must be inherent in any pursuit of excellence. An interdisciplinary core of unique learning experiences complements and enriches the more traditional courses that are offered and also emphasizes the University’s contention that excellence is not only a matter of scholarship. The university values equally the competency and the personal growth of the student; it nurtures the individual’s own expectation of excellence. It expects a growing sense of concern for others, a maturing acceptance of responsibility for one‘s own behavior, and a respect for those social processes that ensure a lawful and humane resolution of interpersonal and individual-group conflicts. There is a climate of expectation of excellence in thinking as well as in doing, as prerequisites to leadership and professional success.

The faculty’s approach to education is to believe that rigorous habits of inquiry and skill development ensue when one expects nothing less than the best of a student.
A review of the faculty roster over the years will readily indicate that it stands out, among the institutions of its size across Lebanon and to such an extent in the region, in having attracted scholars of national and international and reputation to teach at the University.
The student body at AUL is typically Lebanese, students from the region and a good number of international students with an interesting collection of cultures and sub-cultures. At AUL it is human commonality that is sought, rather than any commonality of culture, politics or religion. All faiths and points of view arc accommodated on AUL campuses, but no individual or group may upset this balance: differences are expected to be sublimated to the central goal in helping people from everywhere in Lebanon, the region and world-wide to achieve their full potential as human beings. The University governs campus life through regulations that are not intended to be restrictive, but are intended to protect individuals from undue interference and pressures. At the same time AUL promotes wholesome recreational and cultural activities that provide variety and interest in campus living. AUL feels obliged to provide an environment causing minimal anxiety to students and their families; respect for common decency is thus a standard on the University's campuses.

The sharing of values from different local sub-cultures and from cultures at large is enthusiastically promoted—ideas, food. Music, art, positive intercultural experiences are enhanced by respect for privacy, and the person. In summary AUL pursues its unique mission in the world of higher education. The hallmarks of freedom, choice and compassion pervade its endeavors at every level, as quality and excellence depending on those hallmarks.
Those associated with AUL in any capacity—as students, teachers, or administrators—feel, and help to maintain, a special form of excitement that comes from being different and from making a difference. AUL is dedicated to nurturing the individual and his/her potential as effectively and as dynamically as possible.