Faculty and Staff

  • Charbel Bou Zeid

    Charbel Bou Zeid

    Chairperson of Fine Arts Department
    Graphic Designer. Email: cb001@live.aul.edu.lb .
  • Bilal Nakhal, Ph.D

    Bilal Nakhal, Ph.D

    Dean of Faculty of Sciences & Fine Arts - Chairperson of Department of Computer Science
    PhD in Computer Science (Virtual Reality) at École Nationale d'Ingénieurs de Brest (ENIB/CERV/LABSTICC) in Brest, France. My doctoral dissertation was conducted in consultation with Prof. Ronan Querrec, and examines the Generation of Communicative Intentions for Virtual Agents in an Intelligent Virtual Environment. Email: bilal.nakhal@aul.edu.lb. - bn001@live.aul.edu.lb
  • Jihad K. Itani

    Jihad K. Itani

    Full Time Faculty member
    PhD in Software Engineering. Email: ji003@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Yousef H. Ajeeb

    Yousef H. Ajeeb

    Full Time Faculty member
    PHD in Math. Email: Yousef.Ajeeb@aul.edu.lb.
  • Bilal Said

    Bilal Said

    Full Time Faculty Member, Director of the Lebanese Center for Pedagogical Innovation (LCPI)
    Ph.D. in Artificial Intelligence, passionate about logics, formal methods, automated reasoning, graph rewriting, serious games, pedagogy, software engineering, mobile, web and distributed architectures. Email: bilal.said@aul.edu.lb.
  • Sara Nasr

    Sara Nasr

    Full Time Faculty Member.
    Master’s in computer science and communication. PhD candidate. Email: sara.nasr@aul.edu.lb.
  • Ahmad Ahmad-Kassem

    Ahmad Ahmad-Kassem

    Part time Faculty member
    Email: ahmad.kassem@aul.edu.lb .
  • Charbel Y. Obeid

    Charbel Y. Obeid

    Part Time Faculty Member
    Maters in computer Science. PhD candidate. Email: co001@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Mohamad Najem

    Mohamad Najem

    Part time Faculty Member
    PhD degree in microelectronics and automation systems. Email: najem.mhd@gmail.com.
  • Dima Alameddine

    Dima Alameddine

    Part time Faculty Member
    Doctorate in Biomedical Engineering. Email: da007@live.aul.edu.lb
  • Ahmad El Sayed Ahmad

    Ahmad El Sayed Ahmad

    Part Time Faculty Member
    Doctorate in Telecommunication. Email: aa021@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Khaled Safi

    Khaled Safi

    Part Time Faculty Member
    PhD in computer science and Bioinformatics. Email: safi.khaled@hotmail.com.
  • Maya Badih Sabsabi

    Maya Badih Sabsabi

    Part Time Faculty Member
    PhD in physics, "PhD" Diploma: Physics in Nuclear radiation. Email: mms015@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Antoine Rouhana-Sakr

    Antoine Rouhana-Sakr

    Part Time Faculty Member
    BA in photography. Email: ar001@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Sarah Hamwi

    Sarah Hamwi

    Part Time Faculty member
    BA and an MA in arts and design. Email: je003@live.aul.edu.lb .
  • El Bachaalany Joseph

    El Bachaalany Joseph

    Part time Faculty Member
    Double major master’s degree at pure math and computer science. M.B.A. Banking & Finance. Email: je003@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Tarek Al- Masri

    Tarek Al- Masri

    Part time faculty Member
    BE in Architect. Email: ta007@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Elissar Hajo Hajjar

    Elissar Hajo Hajjar

    Part Time Faculty Member
    Interior designer. Email: eh002@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Therese Yared

    Therese Yared

    Part Time Faculty Member
    Graphic Designer. Email: ty001@live.aul.edu.lb .
  • Kamel Attar

    Kamel Attar

    Part time Faculty member
    Ph.D. in mathematics. Email: ka008@live.aul.edu.lb .
  • Nohra Hage

    Nohra Hage

    Part time faculty member
    Ph.D in Mathematics. Email: nohra.hage@univ-st-etienne.fr .
  • Nivine Yakzan

    Nivine Yakzan

    Part Time Faculty Member
    Master’s degree in Multimedia. Email: ny002@live.aul.edu.lb .
  • Hammam Hamzeh

    Hammam Hamzeh

    Part Time faculty member
    Interior Designer. Email: hh003@live.aul.edu.lb .
  • Mario Maroun

    Mario Maroun

    Part time Faculty Member
    Master’s Degree in Business Computing / Applied Mathematics. Email: mm020@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Marwan Saleh

    Marwan Saleh

    Part timer Faculty member
    PhD Applied mathematics in France . Email: ms018@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Wassim Al-Khawand

    Wassim Al-Khawand

    Part-time Faculty Member
    Ph.D. in Computer Science and Communications. Email: wa005@live.aul.edu.lb.
  • Nassar H.S. Haidar

    Nassar H.S. Haidar

    Professor of Mathematics & Director of CRAMS: Center for Research in Applied Mathematics and Statistics
    Phd in Mathematics. Email: nassar.haidar@aul.edu.lb.
  • Khaled S. Jamal Eddine

    Khaled S. Jamal Eddine

    Senior Systems Administrator and Instructor
    Master’s Degree in Computer and Communication Engineering. Email: khaled.jamaleddine@aul.edu.lb .